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It was well-deserved to be known as the biggest prize of the annual meeting.

Many people might think that it was not as practical as high-end televisions and high-end games that cost more than ten thousand yuan. Televisions and computers could be used for many years after all, while tourism could only last five days.

On the other hand, they would be able to buy a high-end computer that cost more than ten thousand yuan if they were to save up a little more. However, who would be willing to pay for a first-class cabin and stay in a five-star hotel when traveling?!

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What’s more, the cost of a first-class cabin and a five-star hotel was far more than ten thousand yuan for a high-end laptop.

Thus, this was the most attention-grabbing award.

What’s more, there were only three slots last year due to the increase in the number of people. This year, there were six slots. The probability of winning increased.

Many people were looking at the big screen excitedly, hoping to be one of the six lucky ones.

Soon, the headsets on the big screen started rolling and six of them appeared.

The fourth avatar on the left was Bao Xu!

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The other five avatars were all unfamiliar faces. They should be some basic- level staff.

There were nearly two thousand people in the venue after all. Pei Qian only knew those who were in charge, which was a few dozen people at most. The chances of winning the lottery were very low.

However, Bao Xu...

What was going on with Bao Xu?

Do you really have to travel every time?

Everyone burst into laughter when they saw Bao Xu’s profile picture on the big screen.

“Hahaha, Brother Bao again!”