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-Instead of my friends’ angry eyes, -I saw pairs of sparkling eyes that look like they’re watching a hero’s show.

“Eh? Eh? Eh?”

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I have no idea what’s happening at all. All I can do is feel dazed. Also, I looked around, and it’s not just Uehara-kun. Even Tendou-san and Chiaki are giving me the same look.

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“Hmm, hmm! Yes, this is Amano-kun! You’re amazing!”

“Yes, yes! Seriously, I’ve been waiting a long time for this! Hi, Amano-ya!”

“…Eh, no, …ehh? What’s happening…?”

I can’t follow up at all. So, I tried to find help and stared in Aguri-san’s direction.

Her hands are still on her chin as she sighed a bit helplessly.

“Sheesh, Amanocchi, why are you surprised?”

“Uh, look, why am I…not being scolded right now? Instead, you guys are praising me…”

I said that since I don’t understand.

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Aguri-san shrugged her shoulders helplessly again. …Then, she looked at me gently and spoke up.

“Why would a friend be mad when they hear such an ‘Amanocchi-styled’ story?”


I can’t help but bulge my eyes after hearing that. During this time, Chiaki and Tendou-san agreed with Aguri-san and nodded repeatedly.

“Yes, yes! It’s such a Keita-flavoured story by Keita. We love it a lot!”

“Chiaki-san’s right. Your story really feels like you. …To that, we can do nothing but throw praises at you. I think it’s not weird for our noses to bleed at this point.”

I don’t think they are lying. The two girls look really excited with their bright eyes, and Tendou-san even prepared her handkerchief.

“…You two…”