Made 3D modeling online

Made 3D modeling online

Looking around, the leaves of the lush trees were already a little yellowish.

As we walked slowly, feeling the end of summer and the arrival of autumn, we arrived at Thousand Blade Academy that gave me a rush of nostalgia.

「Oh, it has become beautiful again!」

「Yeah, it feels good.」

The exterior walls that became darkened because of that guy’s darkness, were now pure white and beautiful. The gymnasium which was blown up by the explosion was completely restored. And the inside of the academy building was also beautiful.

The hallways without a single bit of debri.

Window glass without a speck of dust.

Just looking at it feels good.

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Walking through the hallways which have become beautiful, we arrived at the classroom of Year 1 Class A.

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I put my hand on the side-opening door and exhaled loudly.

「…Feeling a little nervous?」

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「Y-Yes… It’s been two weeks since I met everyone.」

「Fuu… I’m gonna open it.」