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After taking in all these, Lu Mingliang could only think of one thing.

High-class, westernized!

This was miles apart from other express delivery companies.

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The branch manager reported the preparations done to Lu Mingliang and Pei Qian as well as the current state of operations of this courier station. The courier station was still working on an eight-hour shift from eight in the morning to five in the afternoon. If overtime had to be done, extra pay would be given.

At the same time, there would be additional incentives for each express deliveryman according to the number of items delivered and ratings from customers. Two express deliverymen’s daily responsibilities were to continuously deliver items from this courier station; when they were free, they were to keep the place clean and tidy.

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The branch manager’s job was more complex. Besides handling the storage and retrieval of goods and related matters, he still had to calculate the latest express delivery numbers and to keep up a rapport with other express delivery companies’ express deliverymen. He also had to promote the courier station in the area as well.

Naturally, as Pei Qian had not made any stringent working criteria, if some branch managers wanted to slack off; Boss Pei wasn’t going to mind as well.

The branch manager and two express deliverymen looked very energized.

They all had experience working in other express delivery companies. This time, they had switched to working for Upwind Logistics because of the attractive starting pay which was significantly higher than other such companies.

Furthermore, the working environment was also a plus point.

Upwind Logistics wasn’t like other express delivery companies where they had to run all about the city. They were only responsible for a small area, and so it wasn’t that taxing on them.

After taking a look at the whole place, Pei Qian and Lu Mingliang returned to the Fish-Catching Internet Cafe as they ordered their coffees and drank them.