What does it mean to make money online?

What does it mean to make money online?

These reviewers and media were not reacting like many players did when the game was first released. This was because after one week, the players’ impressions of the game had undergone a 180-degree change. These game reviewers and media took everything into consideration before writing their reviews.

What’s more, these game reviewers and media would not give the game a low rating just because they could not complete it. They were all professional.

Ordinary players only gave Repent and be Saved a low rating out of vengeance, after seeing how difficult the game was and suffering through it. However, these game reviewers and media could see other things:

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The game’s quality, the outstanding combat system, the beautiful scenery and style, the complexity and depth of the plot, the glorification of traditional Chinese culture to a certain extent, and the gameplay and originality of the system which pointed out the future direction of action-based games’ development…

Since the game reviewers and media were incorporating all of these considerations in their rating of the game, it was no wonder that they gave such high ratings! Among all of these things, Li Yada was the proudest of the official platform’s review.

“Repent and be Saved depicts a helpless world that is born out of ancient Chinese culture. The artistic recreation of this world gives players a brand new experience.

“This is a helpless world set in the Degenerate Age, where the six realms are broken. Its outstanding difficulty allows players to feel the helplessness of being stuck in a world like that. Again and again, they are tortured by death. However, this world also hides countless curious secrets. It pushes every single player to pick himself up after each revival, in the hopes of accomplishing his personal mission to save the world!

“Deep ancient poems, torturous fights, rich background stories, and hidden philosophies; these are what make Repent and be Saved a memorable experience and a risk worth taking! “This is the most praise-worthy thing: while domestically-produced, traditional Chinese-style games are on a decline and other local game developers slavishly copy foreign developers, Tengda Games chose to walk a path of absolute originality.”

“Repent and be Saved has blended traditional Chinese culture into the background story, the game’s content, and the game’s core spirit extremely well. It plays an instrumental role in spreading traditional Chinese culture in the new age. “May other game developers and designers push the boundaries of their minds and learn from Repent and be Saved, to further glorify traditional Chinese culture and build the game industry’s confidence in our heritage!”

Of course, the official platform had to do something to express their validation of the game.

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Without any doubt, Repent and be Saved would be given a few more recommendation spots. This was to be expected.

Li Yada could not help but feel emotional. Boss Pei is Boss Pei indeed; he did not have to put in much effort in producing such an outstanding game!

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Official recommendations… what are those to Boss Pei? He’s received so many of those!

Li Yada read the media’s praise for Repent and be Saved once again, feeling pleased with herself.

“I took over the development of this game midway through, but I contributed to the game’s success!”

She had still been reading the game’s reviews when the lady from the front desk ran over.

“The official platform’s staff just called. They wish to discuss translating a foreign version of the game.”