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I offered him a proposal. My path moving forward would depend on whether he accepted it or not.

“…I see. So that’s what you want.”

“As far as you’re concerned, it shouldn’t be a bad offer. You can use it as your reason.”

“Indeed. I wouldn’t have agreed if that were not the case.”

“You also don’t need to exert your authority as the former student council president, nor do anything to help me directly.”

A capable student like the elder Horikita should be able to understand what I’m getting at, even without me explicitly stating my intentions.

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“You were probably going to use this strategy of yours regardless of whether you got targeted or not.”

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“Yeah. I had planned on getting in touch with you anyway. I would’ve brought it up earlier today, but…”

“You didn’t because Tachibana was there?”

Of course, I knew she wasn’t the kind of student to go and let out a secret, but I refrained from saying anything, just in case.

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“‘I’m in a tough spot’ you say. You aren’t in a tough spot at all.”

“That depends on tomorrow. Without your cooperation, I’d have been forced to change tactics, and you should be well aware that it’s not beneficial for me to take center stage.”

“…Alright. We’ll act tomorrow.”