How to make money when I am in Chongqing

How to make money when I am in Chongqing

(What the hell… is this power…?)

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When I was thinking about that – a huge pillar of fire rose from afar.


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「Zhahahahahahaha! I can see it, I can see it …! You were『sparkling』brilliantly, gahahahaha!」

Zack, wrapped in flame armor, approached me with long strides.

「N-No way…」

There was not even a slight cut on his body.

「Unscathed after taking that attack head on…!?」

As I stood there, stunned,

「Yo, what’s your name-… oops, no good no good.『When you ask a person for their name, you must start with yourself!』!」

All of a sudden, he started laughing, 「Zahahahaha!」

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「My name is Zack Bomber! Currently, I belong to the Black Organization due to some reasons! Now, tell me your name!」

For some reason, the guy who started introducing himself, waited for my reply with his arms folded.

To be honest, he didn’t make any sense, but since he named himself, it is necessary to name myself too.

「…Allen Rodore.」

When I answered, he nodded satisfied.

「Allen Rodore huh… Zahaha! That’s a good name! I’ll make sure to remember that name!」

「Now, bring out that『black darkness』again!」