How to make money in Changle International online

How to make money in Changle International online

“Is Vice President Chang high on alcohol?”

“A multi-thousand-yuan cell phone... just what I wanted!”

“Even Shenhua and Pineapple don’t sell their flagship models at such a high price. Who gave you the courage?!”

The live audience was not as direct as netizens on the livestream, but their confused expressions were telling of their thoughts.

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Are you kidding me?!

Vice President Chang, you may have caused Hongcheng Technologies to collapse, but this terrible mistake is ridiculous, right?

Chang You remained unperturbed. He continued, “We will not run promotions or reduce the price of our Otto E1 cell phones in the future. Once the next model is released, E1 will be taken off the shelves. Until then, it would be sold for 8,199 yuan, and the price would not change. Of course, we don’t accept payment by installments either.

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“Alright, everyone can start dissing now.” The crowd remained quiet. Comments kept being posted rapidly on the livestream.

Seeing that everyone was mocking and dissing the cell phone in the comments, Pei Qian felt excited and overwhelmed.

Finally, this is going well. This is the right feeling! This is the effect I wanted!

Pei Qian had to suppress the urge to give Chang You a thumbs-up from off-stage.

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Chang You’s expression remained the same. Since the news conference had a limited duration, he could not afford to talk too much about the price. Instead, he moved to the next segment.

“Next, I’ll talk about our stocks.

“We’ll only manufacture a thousand pieces of Otto E1. We’ll sell them on a first-come, first-serve basis until we run out. We haven’t decided when to manufacture the next batch of stocks.

A picture appeared on the screen. This was ROF Computer-Installation’s warehouse in Jingzhou. A thousand pieces of Otto E1 had been neatly arranged on one of the shelves inside. The shelf was only half-filled.

At first glance, it looked almost stingy.


One of the tech media journalists seated in the front row could not help but scoff.