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“The turn was too far for a sightseeing. Besides, the content of the announcement was strange.”

“I could not feel it at all but… Katsuragi-san has seen through the school’s intentions. Because of that he realized there is a cave here… As expected!”

“Let’s move to the next one, Yahiko. It’s useless to stay longer since the spot has been seized. There was a road seen from the ship from two more places. Before that, there must be something like a facility.”

“Y-yes! But if you leave the result like this, Sakayanagi has no choice but to be silent!“

“When you turn your eyes on the inside, be careful or you’ll trip.”

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“That’s right, but shouldn’t we be cautious of B class? Isn’t D class an assembly of defectives? Even if we think about the point difference, we can ignore it.”

There was a similar story on the ship as well thatD class was out of consideration to A class. We were treated like a stone dropped on the corner of the roadside.

“Enough with the chit-chat. Let’s go Yahiko.”

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I waited until I couldn’t hear the voices and footsteps of the two. Then I waited two minutes more for caution’s sake.

“They left…”

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I took a quick look to check, but I couldn’t see the two from a little while ago. I noticed that the weight of the warmth on my hands had become heavier as I’d caught my breath. I kept suppressing it after I’d embraced it in a hurry.

“Sorry Sakura… Sakura?”