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Keisei softly moaned. He seems to be enduring the pain but if he pushes himself too far, it'll have an effect on tomorrow.

"Take a break, I can take your place".

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Since there's no helping it, I decided to clean the spot Keisei's cleaning in his stead.

"Sorry about this, Kiyotaka".

"We help each other out when one's in trouble".

And this should solve the problem. However...

"You just said you'd do it yourself, didn't you?".

Perhaps he didn't like the fact that I was lending a helping hand, Ishizaki interrupted like that. But without making eye contact with me.

"I can handle it here".

I replied. But Ishizaki doesn't seem to be satisfied with that answer. He continues speaking harshly towards Keisei while determinedly ignoring me.

"You're the leader, aren't you? Don't complain about something like cleaning".

"...I know that".

Keisei's feeling responsible. It's inevitable he'd answer like that when pressed.

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"You don't get it. Right now you're trying to push it onto someone else. I don't like it that you're doing that. Say you'll do it yourself".

"...I get it. I'll do it".

"That's what I'm talking about. Whatever you do, don't lend him a hand, Ayanokouji".

Ishizaki spoke to me for the first time. And then immediately distanced himself from me as though in escape.