I am scanning the code online.

I am scanning the code online.

Jamdi’el calmly and slowly put her hand on my shoulder.

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From that hand, I felt an unbelievable chill.

“What in the world are thee? And how can thou know I am Jamdi’el, yet still remain nonchalant and train with calm?”

She should ‘not be doing that’ to me, but I could sense that she was able ‘to do that’.

The pressure was so strong that I could instinctively sense that this hand on my shoulder could easily separate my head from my torso with a slight movement

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『Child, stay calm.』

「T, Tre’ainar...」

As I was choking on Jamdi’el’s question, Tre’ainar by my side...

『I heard it all from Bro... give that answer.』

「Bro...? Ah...」

That said, I remembered my farewell conversation with Bro.

―― Maybe you... Master’s twisted ambition and ideology... that fellow’s situation.... nuh-uh.

―― Master? Fellow? What are you talking about?

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―― Whaaaat, if you happen to meet my Master, who is also my first love... ’Sister’ ――――

Come to think of it. Bro’s master is this fellow... Surely, then that makes sense... huh? Hold on. If so, Bro’s first love is... eh? And by sister... do you mean like Karui and Amae? Or...... No way... him...?

“What’s wrong? Can thou not answer that?”

“Fuh~, I heard from Bro... about you...”