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"I knew right from the start that there was a risk in joining forces with that guy."

"Then what’s the value in accepting your proposal to join forces against him?"

Katsuragi laughed to himself.

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I thought it was unnecessary, but there was no calmness in Katsuragi’s face. He shouldn't have been anxious or upset by my question, so I decided to dig even further.

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"I know you are working to stop Ryūen, but that problem should belong to Class A and Class B. I saw the public class points that were displayed at the start of October.”

Katsuragi shut his mouth, it seems that he is indifferent on the matter.

After the end of the uninhabited island test, Class A had their class points increase to 1,124. It was a positive situation for them at first, but there was a significant loss of points during the second special examination and the sports festival, taking Class A down to 874. In contrast, Class B wasn’t that far behind, sitting at 753. Apart from having started at the same level, this was the closest gap between any of the classes at present time.

To supplement this, Class C was currently at 542, while Class D has 262.

"I really can only admit that this is not a very good state for Class A to be in. I was fooled by the school structure. My inability to perfectly understand the system of class points is also a factor."

He did not mention the subject of Sakayanagi carelessly.

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Sakayanagi aside, as Katsuragi had said, it is also true that the school has a misleading point system.

The system seems simple, but unexpectedly there are many difficult to understand and unclear points being rewarded and removed.