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Soon, everyone took their seats and started the test.

Wu Bin sucked in a deep breath, grabbed the mouse, and read the first question.

‘It’s time to get off work. You have an incomplete assignment on your hands. You should:’

Wu Bin scanned the options and frowned at once.

“That simple? Of course, I have to work overtime if the work’s not done. Nobody would select ‘wait until tomorrow’, right?

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“Holy sh*t, there’s an option to argue with one’s superior? Whoever selects this option would probably be fired immediately, right?

Wu Bin was beginning to find the test strange. He even wanted to laugh.

These questions were very different from what he had expected. Wu Bin had thought that the questions in the test would be complicated and difficult and that the options would be very demanding. He imagined questions that would be as difficult to answer as ‘if your wife and your mother fell into the sea, who would you save first?’

However, from the looks of the current situation, the test was extremely simple!

Indeed, it was merely a formality.

Even newbies with some EQ would know the answer to questions like that, right? Wu Bin quickly selected the option to work overtime and complete the task. However, just as he was about to submit his answer, he realized that something was amiss.

Is it really that simple? Did they have to set a test for this?

He immediately recalled his experience.

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Most of Tengda’s employees were very efficient. That was probably why they would not be placed in a situation where they could not finish their work. If this happened, it would show that one was very inefficient at work. Then…

They should still work overtime to complete the task, right?

Wu Bin tried to consider the question on a deeper level but found that his answer did not change.

“…Perhaps I’m thinking too much.