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Is it true when making money on the Internet?

(Amano, …don’t tell me you calculated that?)

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I looked at him admirably. However, as for Amano himself…

“The 26th place…is a gear-switching system that doesn’t cost round numbers!”

“It feels really pathetic!”

“Eh? No, no, no, actually, the most surprising fact is that you can change clothes in a flash-“

…Indeed, he looks like a helpless otaku that doesn’t worry about anything. …No, instead of saying he looks, that’s pretty much what he is. At least he’s not “pretending” it. His face is the same as those idiots that sincerely enjoy talking about those things.

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However, that’s why…Mii genuinely felt dumbfounded at him and smiled.

When I’m giving Amano a half-dumbfounded, half-admiring look, suddenly, I saw Kousei smiling gently behind him.

(…I didn’t know that guy has such a gentle smile.)

Although Kousei is always insulting people in my eyes, I guess his respect for the brother is genuine.

I looked at Kousei’s extraordinary warm smile- …No, I looked at his “nostalgic” face. Then, I realized something’s wrong.

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(I see. Indeed, …Amano will never be smart enough to “calculate” all that. However, perhaps he does think about something.)

That must be some kind of “attribute” cultivated when he’s messing with his little brother.

As for that attribute, it even saved Mii and Kousei. …No, Tendou and I as well.

Come to think of it, I can’t help but admire this respectable friend-