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"I did not think I was doing wrong," he muttered. "Favoral was myfriend.""And that's the reason why you were coming to propose to Mlle.

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Favoral to become your mistress? There she is, you thought, withoutresources, literally without bread, without relatives, withoutfriends to protect her: this is the time to come forward. Andthinking you could be cowardly, vile, and infamous with impunity,you came."To be thus treated, he, the successful man, in presence of thisyoung girl, whom, a moment before, he was crushing with his impudentopulence, no M. Costeclar could not stand it. Losing completelyhis head,"You should have let me know, then," he exclaimed, "that she wasyour mistress."Something like a flame passed over M. de Tregars' face. His eyesflashed. Rising in all the height of his wrath, which broke outterrible at last,"Ah, you scoundrel!" he exclaimed.

M. Costeclar threw himself suddenly to one side.

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"Sir!"But at one bound M. de Tregars had caught him.

"On your knees!" he cried.

And, seizing him by the collar with an iron grip, he lifted himclear off the floor, and then threw him down violently upon bothknees.

"Speak!" he commanded. "Repeat, - 'Mademoiselle'

M. Costeclar had expected worse from M. de Tregars' look. A horriblefear had instantly crushed within him all idea of resistance.

"Mademoiselle," he stuttered in a choking voice. "I am the vilestof wretches," continued Marius. M. Costeclar's livid face wasoscillating like an inert object.

"I am," he repeated, "the vilest of wretches.""And I beg of you -"But Mlle. Gilberte was sick of the sight.

"Enough," she interrupted, "enough!"Feeling no longer upon his shoulders the heavy hand of M. de Tregars,the stock-broker rose with difficulty to his feet. So livid was hisface, that one might have thought that his whole blood had turnedto gall.

Dusting with the end of his glove the knees of his trousers, andrestoring as best he could the harmony of his toilet, which had beenseriously disturbed,"Is it showing any courage," he grumbled, "to abuse one's physicalstrength?"M. de Tregars had already recovered his self-possession; and Mlle.