How do college students do partie-time online?

How do college students do partie-time online?

Pei Qian hoped that ICL league would become popular and put pressure on GOG so that he could spend more money on GOG. However, it would not be good if the live-stream was popular as well.

The best outcome for Pei Qian was that the ICL league became popular, but it did not bring enough popularity to Bunny Tail Live-Stream.

Now, the distribution rights seemed to provide such a possibility!

Selling the broadcasting rights to other live-stream platforms might earn some money in the short term, but the ICL league would no longer be exclusive. Its popularity would definitely be divided by other platforms and the popularity of Bunny Tail Live-Stream would decrease. At the same time, other platforms would definitely help promote the ICL league together after obtaining the broadcasting rights. In addition, Finger Games and Long Yu Corporation would definitely be able to generate more popularity than solo broadcasting. They would also be able to promote the ICL league...

That sounded like a good choice!

Pei Qian pondered for a moment. “Will there be live-stream platforms to buy it? What’s the attitude of Finger Games and Long Yu Corporation?”

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Chen Yufeng nodded. “Of course. The person-in-charge of ZZ Live-Stream, Waiwai Live-Stream, and Wolf Fang Live-Stream are all interested in buying. Long Yu Corporation would definitely be more than happy to obtain more platforms to broadcast the ICL league.”

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Pei Qian instinctively frowned.

There were so many platforms vying for it.

It looked like he would not be able to sell it at a low price? He would probably make a small profit.

However, if he could spread the popularity, it would not be a big deal to make a small profit.

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If he continued to keep the exclusive broadcasting rights, what if the ICL league gradually became popular, and the popularity was completely monopolized by Bunny Tail Live-Stream? Then, things would get out of hand?

At that thought, Pei Qian immediately said, “Then, distribute the broadcast rights!”

Chen Yufeng was stunned for a moment. “Boss Pei, are you really selling it? This is the only exclusive live-stream that has competitiveness!”