Is it true for a part-time money?

Is it true for a part-time money?

Pei Qian rejoiced inwardly. However, he maintained his expression as he asked, “What happened?”

Yaling was obviously frustrated. “Boss Pei, it was all going well in the beginning. I showed them our gym’s facilities, the quality of our trainers, and the accompanying services. Both of them were obviously tempted. “Yet, the moment I said the price, the man’s expression changed. Obviously, he had been a member of other gyms before. After doing some brief calculations, he concluded that our gym is way too expensive. “The lady liked the environment and the fact that we only charge by the session. To a newbie like her, that’s a good thing.

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“The man was about to give in to the lady, but both of them found it hard to accept the gym’s specific requests, which I started to introduce...

“They already thought that the training sessions were expensive. In addition to the mandatory fitness meals, the package was out of their budget.

“That was why... they decided to leave. I think they went to check out the other gyms nearby.”

Pei Qian heaved a sigh of relief.

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What was this? He had escaped unscathed and achieved speedy success.

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Indeed, the strategies that he had put in place to turn customers away had proven effective. Even though Coach Yaling stepped up, she failed to rope in customers!

Still, although the beginning was looking good, Pei Qian reminded himself to remain steady.

He cleared his throat and said, “It doesn’t matter. Those were just two customers. Our gym has good potential. A few customers wouldn’t make a difference. “We just have to be patient, and the customers would come!

“That’s right. Coach Guo, remember to order a sign with our gym’s prices and requests on it. Set it up at the entrance, so that people wouldn’t bother coming in and disturbing the trainers to ask questions.

“Those who cannot accept our requests would be turned away by the sign.

“As opposed to answering people’s queries, your time would be much better spent working on your physiques. Your bodies would be walking advertisements for Deposit Fitness!”