What is the online energy to make money?

What is the online energy to make money?

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“If Boss Pei really wanted to give up on this project, he would terminate it completely. However, he continued to pour funds into it. Obviously, he had other plans for us! Thriller Hostel is a good opportunity!

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“Similarly, Boss Pei definitely asked us to rest well so that we could recuperate and physically prepare ourselves for a new challenge! Until now, Tengda Corporation already has so many applications.

“The shared phone booths, Deposit Fitness, ‘Top Student, Come Quick’, Fish-Catching Take-Out, Zhongdian Chinese Network, Thriller Hostel, TPDb...

“Most of those businesses are either connected to ‘Top Student, Come Quick’ in some way or had their advertisements on the latter.

“What’s more, a few applications have functions that are too simple. Take the application for the shared phone booths, for example. Many people only use it to get a number in the line or scan QR codes. Each application works on its own, and they do not come together to form a system.

“If Tengda’s users want to use all of those functions, they would have to download several applications. That’s not good for publicity.

“What if we could bring the different applications together and integrate them into ‘Top Student, Come Quick’? Not only would the businesses come together to form a whole, but ‘Top Student, Come Quick’ would also be given a new lease of life!

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“No, we shouldn’t call it ‘Top Student, Come Quick’ anymore, then.

“The ‘Top Student, Come Quick’ application has completed its mission and is coming to a graceful end, but the Tengda Life application will resurrect it!”

The more Yu Pingan spoke, the more agitated he became. Obviously, Boss Pei had it all planned out for ‘Top Student, Come Quick’!

Why else would Thriller Hostel’s staff come looking for them after the latter rested for a while?

It all made sense now!

Boss Pei hasn’t given up on us. Instead, he entrusted us with a more important task; we just had to discover it on our own!

Our project has hope!

Yu Pingan immediately contacted the people in charge of the shared phone booths, Deposit Fitness, Fish-Catching Take-Out, and other businesses. He shared his own hypothesis with them and then volunteered to integrate and update all the applications.

He believed that none of the department heads would turn him down.