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How to make money on online AI

Pei Qian was exhausted.

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He could let the people in front go. In the age of garbage sorting, he could tolerate people who ordered from Fish-Catching Take-Out just to save themselves the trouble.

However, how could he tolerate the one who said that he had bought a lunch box in every color just to collect them?

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What person in the right mind would collect these things?

Pei Qian could only say that the world was huge, and there were all sorts of people. He just could not understand why people would treat such unstable things as treasures.

All of a sudden, Pei Qian noticed a post on Weibo that had garnered a lot of attention!

“I almost laughed to death. Do you all remember the customer that appeared in Fish-Catching Take-Out’s news piece last night? He looked so serious that I thought they had hired him. I didn’t expect to see this complete version of what happened!”

A video was attached below.

The journalist arrived at Fish-Catching Take-Out and randomly interviewed a customer, whose head was lowered as he used his cell phone, completely unaware that he was being interviewed.

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“What do I think? I can’t be bothered to sort my garbage...

“You’re recording? Is this an interview? The news?

“Er... garbage sorting is good. It protects the environment and saves resources—all of us should do it! I think Fish-Catching Take-Out is doing an exceptionally good job.

“Please cut the first part. Thank you.”

The journalist suppressed her grin and said, “Alright, don’t worry.”

The video was going viral, and more and more comments were appearing below!

“Hahaha, that’s hilarious. He was an ordinary citizen of Jingzhou in one second, but an outstanding youth in the next!”

“That’s so true. I thought the interview was scripted beforehand, but it turned out to be a spring interview. This brother blurted the truth without noticing the camera at first!”

“That’s an adorable citizen of Jingzhou. He claims not to care about sorting garbage because of the inconvenience it brings to his life, but he still does all he can to support it by changing his habits. He deserves praise for not secretly dumping his rubbish carelessly!”