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At that moment, a leader suddenly said, “Wow, the hotel that FV Club is staying in... isn’t the environment too good?”

The team members at the side leaned over to take a look.

The official Weibo of FV Club had updated the details of the trip to Los Angeles in real time, including the photo they took at the airport and some daily videos.

The latest Weibo post was a photo of everyone having a meal at the Ritz Carlton Hotel. Obviously, the group from FV Club had arrived half an hour earlier than them.

The photo did not focus on the food, mainly on the players. However, it could still be seen that the dining environment was obviously not on the same level as this place. There were all sorts of dishes: sushi, sashimi, cake, roasted meat, and even Chinese food.

The food looked amazing and exquisite. All the food was carefully arranged. After being shot by professional photographers, it looked very appetizing.

Unsurprisingly, there were all sorts of ‘posting poison in the middle of the night’ and ‘envious, jealous, and hateful’ comments under Weibo. After all, it was late at night in China.

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The members of the two clubs looked at the buffet they were eating. The knives and forks in their hands slowed down unconsciously.

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Zhao Xuming, on the other hand, was fuming.

These people from FV Club are too much!

Was there a need to be like a country bumpkin, walking and filming, constantly showing off?

Everyone knew that that hotel was better. In the end, not only did you casually take photos outside, you even wanted to take photos of food?