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“Choosing the right genre is half the battle won.

“Here, I want to give you an example...” Pei Qian immediately tensed up. He wasn’t going to make an example out of Tengda again, was he?

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Let me off, I beg you!

He An paused for a moment and then said, “MMORPG.”

Pei Qian heaved a sigh of relief. Tengda had never produced an MMORPG. That was great! He was not going to be kicked while he was down today!

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At once, Pei Qian sat up straighter.

He An did not notice the internal struggle going on inside ‘Ma Yang’. Instead, he continued speaking. “For a long time, MMORPG has been regarded as the ultimate genre of games. There was enough support for this in theory because MMORPGs could construct a virtual world for players and provide enough rich content to them. What’s more, it was highly expandable.

“Many people in the game industry had thought about this before. What game could challenge Fantasy World? At the time, everyone concluded that, to compete with Fantasy World, one had to create an even better MMORPG.


“The newest development in the game industry has proven that this was wrong. No better MMORPG than Fantasy World has appeared, but another game genre that could challenge MMORPGs has.

“That’s right, I’m talking about the most popular battle games in the country or even the world: GOG and IOI!”

Pei Qian: “...”

He was now suicidal. MMORPG had only been the introduction. They still landed back on this topic in the end.

Noticing that ‘Ma Yang’ looked strange, He An suspiciously asked, “Boss Ma, is there a problem?”

Pei Qian tried to force a smile. “No, no problem at all. Is that related to today’s class?”

He An nodded. “Of course! I emphasized before that choosing the right genre is half the battle won. Top game designers cannot come up with a better MMORPG than Fantasy World, but they can come up with a better game genre than MMORPG!

“Obviously, that shows a keen sense of smell!

“Just think about it. If you could sense the limitless potential of IOI while other first-tier game designers fought within the boundaries of MMORPG, you would be one step ahead of them. That gives you the advantage and allows you to dominate the market... think about a butterfly flapping its wings. It looks like a minor move, but it could cause a world of change in the end!