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“Amano-kun, do you have any other friends on the internet?”

“Um, welp. I do differentiate in my alias…”

Amano didn’t notice the way that Tendou is looking at him. He even started to think sincerely.

At the same time, Hoshinomori quietly apologized as she entered the living room before she quickly sat back to where she was, which is next to Amano’s.

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“I only have two aliases, though. Or should I say, I only interact with certain people.”

Amano embarrassingly answered Tendou’s question as he put his phone on the table, in front of Hoshinomori. In a sense, this is quite logical, but Hoshinomori looked at his phone without meaning it. The screen is still showing that mobile game-

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I didn’t realize it until now. I really didn’t until now. This is dangerous. I hastily released Aguri’s hand, and- it’s too late.

When I noticed this, Amano already said the most crucial piece of intelligence.

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“Firstly, my alias is “Tsucchi” in this game, and I only played with this player named MONO. Then, there’s this F2P game developer called NOBE which I admired, I use the name “Yama-san” whenever I’m giving him feedback, that’s all.”


Suddenly, the time between Hoshinomori and I froze.

Just when we were struck so hard that we began to lose sight, Amano and Tendou continued.

“Oh, really. I guess you don’t really have friends on the internet either.”

“Um, of course. I’m still an introvert on the internet. It’s just that MONO and NOBE are really special to me. This is why I really treasured them.”

“Yeah, you prioritized that over my invitation to the Game Club. They’re vital to you.”