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「This evil spiritual power unmistakably belongs to Allen Rodore! And the other party is… Ria Vesteria!?」

「Are those two fighting!? What’s the matter with you two? A lover’s quarrel!?」

Noises broke out from various places in Thousand Blade Academy.

I am very sorry to cause a problem, but I wish they would overlook it this time.

After all, Ria’s handmade chocolate is at stake in this match.

I gripped the True Black Sword which I am materialising after a long time, and assumed Seigan no Kamae.

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「This time, I’m going to win no matter what! I’m going to give it my all, Ria!」

「Yes! Come, Allen!」

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She gripped her sword with a very happy expression for some reason.

This is how the fierce battle between me and Ria began.

My and Ria’s sword fight was fierce.