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“Hold on. It’s true that Sudō was given an E in Academic Ability, but is that really the case?”

Sudō’s grades were so horrendous when he first enrolled here that he had received an E rating as a result.

However, in the latter half of his first year, his academic performance slowly began to improve.

In other words, his current abilities were probably better than what was reflected for him by the school.

“Right… He’s certainly grown by leaps and bounds compared to how he was before. Even during spring break, he spent his time studying in order to make up for the stuff he missed earlier in the year.”

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“Were you tutoring him the entire time?”

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“Of course not. I don’t have the time to keep him company every day. He’s already learned how to study by himself to a certain extent. I just checked in on his progress every so often and gave him feedback on how he was doing.”


I thought Sudō was only studying due to Horikita, but this was an honestly admirable development.

“To be honest, Sudō-kun is at a slightly higher level in my book… When I compare him to other students, I feel like he’s between a D and D+.”

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Of course, this was nothing more than optimistic speculation.

However, as someone who knew just how Sudō was a year ago, he had indeed matured quite a lot.

“If I’m not mistaken, Sudō used to panic a lot more when he heard about a new special exam. I’d expected him to be upset this time, but he was pretty composed instead.”

Then again, he did make quite a fuss about losing to Kōenji in the Social Contribution category.

“You think his Academic Ability ratings are above a D, and yet you placed him above Ike in priority on your list?”

“His personality and outward appearance had a large role to play in that. What he said this morning about how he’s heavy-handed with the newbies in the basketball club had a part to play in it too.”

Apparently, it seemed like she wasn’t being partial to Sudō after all. She had reached this conclusion after properly analyzing all the factors.