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He was comforted because Boss Pei was making use of delicacies to motivate the team, and it was bound to prove very effective!

As far as he could recall, each time Boss Pei treated a department to a meal, the department would achieve a breakthrough soon after. It seemed superstitious, but Zhang Yuan preferred to see it as a special skill of Boss Pei’s.

This meal would serve to motivate DGE’s newest members and cause them to feel a sense of belonging in the DGE Club. At the same time, they would calm down and not feel anxious about having to improve as quickly as they could.

Yet, Zhang Yuan also felt worried because this meal would not solve the root of the problem.

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At the moment, the DGE Club’s training method was falling behind everyone else’s. While other clubs were improving rapidly, DGE’s two teams were remaining so lousy. The gap would only widen as time went by.

As for this... how was Boss Pei intending to solve the problem?

Zhang Yuan thought that the best solution would be to hire a professional coach and a team of analysts.

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Yet, who could they hire? That was the biggest question.

As he was worrying about this, Zhang Yuan’s cell phone vibrated.

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He picked it up and found a message from Huang Wang. “Brother Zhang, why isn’t there anyone at the club?”

At the entrance of the DGE club...

Huang Wang, Jiang Huan, and the ten other old members of DGE were gathered together. As they looked at the locked entrance to the club, they felt confused.

After H4 won the championship yesterday, Huang Wang had gone to celebrate his job well done in the afternoon. He could not escape live-streaming at night either to share his joy with his fans.

His team members had also gone back to their respective clubs to rest. They had been working and training so hard during this period, and so it was time to take a break.