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When Uehara-kun told me what I had been suspecting, I put my head on my desk, feeling crestfallen….

…I then groaned.

“Then… then, all the experience I’ve gotten from the game about talking to girls is…”

“Sorry, Amano. Actually, the experience you got is only for your interaction level with the heroines… in reality, your interaction level with girls hasn’t increased at all!”

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“The opposite is also true. So, I’m not able to give you advice. You’re probably way better at dating sims than I am. Yo, Simulation God!”

“What kind of disgraceful nickname is ‘Simulation God’!? I-I’m not a ‘Simulation God’!”

“By the way, Amano, how many gal games have you completed just during your second year?”

“Um… around 40?”

“Congratulations, Amano.”

Suddenly, Uehara-kun handed me a sheet of paper. In big letters, the words “Simulation God” were written in huge letters with a sharpie. It’s something like a certificate.

After Uehara-kun saw me slump my shoulders, he said “Well, it’s just a joke”, and continued talking.