What are the online Money Gate Road?

What are the online Money Gate Road?

Unexpectedly, my rival Chiaki strongly agreed with what I said.

“Ah, yes, yes, yes! Keita, I feel the same too! I should say, I hope that I can objectively acknowledge the added scores from my memories.”

“Yeah, yeah! Exactly, Chiaki!”

Chiaki and I just started chatting excitedly. -So, Uehara-kun and Tendou-san got into a sour mood and retorted us.

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“N-No, even if we deduce the impression scores from the memories, the simple yet creative titles in the past are elegant. This is an obvious fact…”

A murderous atmosphere immediately engulfed the Game Hobby Club. Aguri-san gulped.

“Well, …e-everyone? I-I’m thinking whether we should move on…”

However, what she said was entirely ignored. -The two groups started battling.

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Firstly, I reminded the two of them with a bitter smile.

“No, no, no, Tendou-san, Uehara-kun, you two have to see the reality calmly. While vintage games are indeed amazing, but the modern games that ‘inherited’ those works are pretty fun as well. You need to acknowledge that.”

However, Tendou-san responded to what I said with a cold laugh. “Ha!”

“Things that inherited famous titles will definitely be better? Aren’t you being too shallow, Amano-kun?”

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“Even though it’s not vastly surpassing the first one, they’ll still improve in small areas….”

I tried to smooth things over, yet Tendou-san sighed as she continued reviewing sequels negatively.

“Messed up new elements, removing the best plot in the first game, overly looking for creative elements, and resulted in a story that can’t resonate with the audience at all. Also, they keep up the sales figures with a bunch of paid DLC and half-hearted 3D attempts.”


Chiaki and I took severe damage! We can’t help but press our chests as we moaned. However, Tendou-san is still trying to go on.

“Ah, also, personally, I think this kind of ‘RPG that emphasizes ACT battle’ is surging in popularity recently. If I have to list out actual examples-“