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If the leaders are to be named once all the students have assembled then he wouldn't have opted for this strategy. However, we're supposed to name them after the rollcall on the penultimate day of the exam. In other words, it's done before the classes assemble.

That must be the reason he chose this strategy.

"As expected of Horikita...I wouldn't have been able to think that far ahead. I had given up on trying to pinpoint the other class leaders and I had also stopped trying to sound out the situation".

Keisei and the others reflect on it.

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"Isn't that understandable? Food and hygiene problems, the manual got burned and an underwear was stolen. Class D was in tatters. We couldn't afford to sound out the other classes".

Akito recalls the events that took place on the island. Keisei also recalls unpleasant memories.

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"In hindsight, we really had a tough time".

"But Horikita-san's amazing. To think she saw through all that in the exam".

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Airi praises Horikita as though she honestly admired her.

"I can understand why Horikita-san would be marked. She saw through Ryuuen-kun's strategy after all".

"As a matter of fact, it seems they're still disturbing us even now".

I shouldn't deny that but rather, I should tell them the truth. And so I added that.

"It seems even during the zodiac exam, there was a quarrel between people who were in the same group".

"I can understand the island and the cruise but why is Ryuuen and his men getting involved with the other Class D students recently. They even came all the way over to the archery club to check on me. That isn't normal, right?".

Even if Horikita is being targeted, these questions are understandable ones.

"They may be trying to uncover a weakness in Class D. Because Horikita has no weaknesses at all so they may be trying to destroy her surroundings instead".