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And only the top two academies that have won through in each group can compete in the main round.

Naturally, such a large festival does not fit in a single day, and so, the Sword King Festival is held for three days.

The first day is qualifying rounds, the second day is the main rounds, and the third day is the finals.

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「Now, we’re here. This is the qualifier venue for Group A,『Orest National Arena』.」

The president said, pointing to a huge round shaped arena towering in front of us.

「T-This is another magnificent building…」

It was about a size smaller than『Great Arena』in Vesteria.

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That was a stone structure with history and persistence that was exposed to the wind and rain, but this was a modern structure made of steel and concrete.

「Well, let’s finish up at the reception desk early. You also need to get used to the『atmosphere』inside.」

The president then proceeded to the reception tent quickly.

We passed through the gate of the Orest National Arena after we had finished the reception.

After going through a long cobblestone passage, a scene of a large number of swordsmen unfolded before me.

(Su-Sugoi… )