How students make money on online

How students make money on online

“I’m sorry, I got frightened. I’m sorry, I’m sorry.”

Hao Qiong apologized and left.

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Suddenly, the working adult stopped him. “Er… Brother, please hold on. Actually, I came looking for you because I had a serious matter to discuss with you.

“Let me introduce myself. I work in the human resources department of Hengtu Games. My name is Wu Bin.

“Brother, are you intending to switch companies?”

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Hao Qiong blinked and then realized that this man was a head-hunter. Although he was having a tough time playing horror games at work now, Hao Yun also received a high salary, huge bonuses, and feasts at Ming Yun Private Kitchen. With all these in mind, he shook his head decisively and said, “No.”

Hao Qiong started to walk away, but Wu Bin quickly stopped him again.

“Brother! Brother, please hold on.

“You don’t have to turn me down so quickly. We can go to a nearby coffee shop for a chat. As they say—even if the transaction falls through, we can remain friends. We’re working in the same industry anyway. Let’s get to know each other.”

Hao Qiong still wanted to leave, but he was a weak-willed man. Unable to fend himself against Wu Bin’s smooth tongue, he reluctantly agreed to go to a nearby coffee shop to chat with Wu Bin.

Both of them took their seats.

As Wu Bin wiped the perspiration from his forehead, he inwardly rejoiced about successfully bluffing someone into having coffee with him after working so hard.

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Hao Qiong was not the first employee that Wu Bin had found.