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Translated by: Sads07

The main street of Imperial City was more crowded than usual.

There were shops lined up like in a festival, from early in the morning was overflowing with parents bringing along their children and adults taking a day off from work, and everyone was heading for the same place.

An amphitheater usually used for entertainment that can accommodate thousands of people.

Today’s event is The Imperial Warrior Academy [Graduation Commemorative Match].

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This tournament selects the best among the newcomers who have yet to become warriors.

The event is not a small one, but also a showcase of young people who will bear the future of Imperial City. It is a grand event with a long-standing tradition and style in which not only the commoners but also nobles and the Imperial family including the Emperor watch.

Therefore, some patrons stop their carriages in front of the arena, and from the passenger cabin escort guards and the gorgeously dressed elite were seen. With more security than usual, some warriors wore armbands throughout the arena.

It’s such an important event for the Empire, much less this year’s match which is a little different from the usual.

“Hey, who do you think will win today?”

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“If you go in order, it’ll probably be the Princess or a Rebal.”

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“I’m here for Rebal~! He’s too cool!

“Hmm, by far I’m with Mr. Fu.”

“Fu is super first class as a mage too, but what about the duels?”

“No, you don’t understand, do you? The matchups will be announced on the day, so if the Princess and Rebal face each other early...”

“Ah. Earth might be the dark horse here.” [1]

I can also hear my name in the conversation among the guests arriving at the arena.