american money presidents

american money presidents

Within each credit rating, there were also extremely minor differences in one’s odds of successfully purchasing an epic weapon. Every minor increase in one’s credit value would slightly increase the chance of purchasing an epic weapon.

As the ratio of players for the three credit ratings was 1:2:10, the higher one’s credit rating, the higher the chance of getting a weapon.

As for some new players with relatively low credit rating and values, it wasn’t that they didn’t have the chance to grab one epic weapon; the chance was just much lower.

Besides this, the game also had a credit o rating for scalper accounts. As they didn’t play the game normally, they were not qualified to get any epic weapons.

After releasing this credit system, scalpers no longer had as high of an impact on the game.

On the other hand, it was impossible to stop people from selling their accounts. Many players would actually sell their credit rating 2 and 3 accounts at a high price. However, it was no longer possible for scalpers to get a huge haul just based on the fastest fingers anymore.

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The value of accounts on trading platforms would definitely fluctuate; however, it would slowly stabilize as well.

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As players’ feedback and response had been rather positive-although many people were still rather upset with the quota, the unhappiness had receded.

After all—while the quota had not been increased or completely removed, this new credit rating system had made things fairer.

As for Shang Yang Games, it was still steadily making losses.

Ye Zhizhou and the others had already completed Pei Qian’s tasks for them. Although the side effect had been an about-turn for its game’s reputation-without the ballers topping up money, game revenue had fallen steeply; and it was not possible to generate any profits in the short-term.

The Fish-Catching Internet Cafes had started to experience an increase in sales from drinks after implementing the singer commission policy. However, this was still insufficient to cover costs of operation and all five outlets were still losing money.

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Fei Huang Workspace had basically lost all their initial capital and profits. They had poured all their money into the documentary and also were in debt. Tengda had to step in to fill the hole.