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He was in charge of the entire team’s tactical arrangements and instructions. He was the one who suggested that they play according to GOG’s methods initially, including switching operations, lineup selection, tactical details, and so on. All of them were similar to GOG.

At first, the other players did not have any objections. However, the team’s opinions differed after today’s competition.

That was because they really did have a hard time during the competition today.

While Pan Ying’s playing style was unique and had quite a good effect, GOG and IOI were still very different in terms of heroes and gameplay. What’s more, such a playing style required a long period of practice and running-in. It was not something that they could become proficient in overnight.

Thus, the top two players wanted to play it safe. They wanted to play their individual strength first, obtain the qualifications for the international competition, and then slowly train for it.

However, Pan Ying felt that it was a good opportunity to train in the competition. The intensity of the training competition and the intensity of the elimination competition could not be compared at all. If he retreated every time he encountered difficulties, he would still not be able to train with such a style in the international competition.

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What’s more, the current tactical arrangements had already been arranged. Changing strategies to fight with individual capability might not be effective.

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Both sides had their own arguments, and neither could convince the other. Wu Yue had no way of unifying his opinions, and could only worry.

At that moment, he saw Manager Lu leading Boss Pei into the lounge.

Wu Yue’s eyes lit up as he quickly stood up. “Boss Pei! Why are you here?!”

Pei Qian had already taken off his mask. He felt stuffy after covering his face for the entire afternoon. “Nothing, I just came to take a look.”

Wuyue nodded, feeling a deep sense of respect.

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Boss Pei might say that he was just here to take a look but Wu Yue knew very well that Boss Pei must be here specially to watch the competition!

Boss Pei was very busy every day with work. Today was also the opening of the GPL competition. Yet, Boss Pei did not even watch the GPL’s opening ceremony. Instead, he came here to watch FV compete. That was enough to show how much Boss Pei valued FV Club!

Boss Pei had only said that he was ‘just here to take a look around’ in order not to put too much pressure on the players. That was so considerate.

The players stood up and stopped arguing when they saw Boss Pei.

Wu Yue quickly said, “In my opinion, everyone should stop arguing. We won’t be able to come to a conclusion even if we continue fighting like this.”

“Whether it’s the individual skills or GOG’s tactics, they all have their advantages and disadvantages. No one can guarantee that either strategy will win.”

“Since neither can convince the other, the most important thing now is to make a decision as soon as possible. No matter what method we choose, we have to hurry up and come up with a strategy when we get back. We cannot waste our time on meaningless debate.”