How to paint on the online student online

How to paint on the online student online

You could pay more in salary for the players, but the transfer fees really should not be increased no matter what!

However, these clubs did not increase the signing fee and annual salaries too high. They instead kept increasing the transfer fees.

They probably felt that the salaries were basically near the peak. If they wanted to grab the players, they would have to pay more for the transfer fee to make the DGE Club happy!

How could Pei Qian take this?

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He quickly raised his hand to interrupt the bidding process.

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“Stop! Such a bidding method isn’t appropriate.”

Zhang Yuan was stunned for a moment. Why was this bidding method inappropriate? Wasn’t it normal for the highest bidder to win?

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“Boss Pei, what do you have in mind?” Zhang Yuan asked.

Pei Qian thought for a while. “Bring a few pieces of paper. Managers, please write down the amount you have prepared and the most urgent need you have for reinforcements on the paper and give it to me. Don’t worry, I will not disclose them to others.”

The managers exchanged baffled glances.

Zhang Yuan quickly distributed the pen and paper. The managers secretly wrote their club names, the amount, the positions they needed reinforcements in and handed them in.

“Brief me simply about the results of these clubs,” Pei Qian said to Zhang Yuan.

Zhang Yuan took out the results of the mock competition and reported based on the results of every club.

Pei Qian checked the amounts given by these clubs while he listened.