Is there a job on the Internet?

Is there a job on the Internet?

(The president’s last request… In order to grant it, I literally have to walk the line between life and death.)

I resolved myself for death and adjusted my breathing.

「Kukuku, Gyahaha…! The next attack will be the strongest slash with all my spiritual power! If a living person took it head on, not even ashes will remain! Are you prepared, Allen Rodore!?」

Convinced of victory, Gregor poured tremendous spiritual power into the broken ash sword.

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(…This is going to be huge)

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If a living person took it, it is definitely dangerous.

I exhaled loudly and concentrated my mind.


Who on earth was I fighting every single day?

That’s right.

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The man I have acknowledged as the strongest – Zeon.

Until now, I’ve been showered with his『strongest slashes』to the point of getting tired of them.

That’s why – there’s no way I’ll be defeated by the attack from Gregor.

There’s no way I’m going to lose to such a cowardly guy who takes the president hostage.

This mind and body that has trained for over a billion years and endured Zeon’s slashes – can’t be broken so easily.

Resolve yourself.

Grit your teeth.

Live even if you die.

「This is the end – Embers Punish!」