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At the moment, only Pineapple cell phones had huge logos on the back cover and were still selling well.

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That was because creating huge logos reflected one’s immense confidence in the brand. If an unknown brand enlarged their logo on their cell phones, customers might be asked an extremely awkward question whenever they picked their cell phones up: “Ai, what brand is that?”

Thus, most domestic cell phone brands placed their logos in low-key positions and made their back covers look more dazzling. That made cell phones of other brands significantly different from Pineapple’s.

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Otherwise, those brands would be cursed horribly.

If Chang You had been allowed to decide, he would probably have chosen to go with the bulk of other domestic cell phone manufacturers and created a dazzling back cover with a low-key logo.

However, now that Boss Pei had given him clear instructions, Chang You had no other choice but to rack his brains to fulfill his requests.

Pei Qian continued toying with the 250-gram machine, feeling surprised inside.

There were no more bugs this time!

It looked like Chang You had been working hard during this period. He had repaired all the bugs that had appeared before, and the system was now much more stable.

After playing for about ten minutes, only three or four bugs appeared. What’s more, none of them had affected the cell phones’ usability.

Chang You visibly sat more upright.

It had not been easy! So many bugs had appeared before. He had been crushed.

After that, Chang You had led his team of brothers to work even harder than before. Finally, they had repaired most of the bugs.

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What’s more, in order to prepare for this reporting session, everyone had spent several days testing the system out. Their confidence had recovered only after they had confirmed that no more bugs could be found.

Even then, Boss Pei still managed to find three minor bugs. Chang You was shocked.

Did Boss Pei have the innate ability to draw bugs out of programs and products?