What platform can make money

What platform can make money

Eh, why another…

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Obviously, the combination of a new company, a young boss, and a rich second-generation heir had dug up some bad memories in Old Liu.

Back then, when he went for an interview not long after Tengda was established, he was also dissuaded by such a combination and was rejected.

That made Old Liu instinctively feel that this Dawn Games platform was a little unreliable.

However, on further thought, he felt that this might be a good thing.

Since the boss of this gaming platform was a young lady, did that mean that she was easy to fool?

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Even if he bragged a little, the other party would not be able to tell, right?

Thus, Old Liu laid his cards on the table and said that he had once been the chief planner in Shang Yang Games.

Shang Yang Games was now very famous in Jingzhou and even the domestic games industry.

Once he mentioned his resume as the chief planner in Shang Yang Games, who would not view him in a new light?

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Strictly speaking, Old Liu was not lying. He had indeed been the chief planner of Shang Yang Games before, but before Tengda bought Shang Yang Games over.

If he said that, the other party would definitely think that he and the game project he developed were especially impressive. That would increase the bargaining chips in the negotiations.

However, Tang Yishu did not react.