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They might have started at the same time but there was a huge difference in their schedule.

The pre-season competition for the GPL would last until the end of the month. Thus, only two to three ‘best-of-three’ matches were arranged every day. The longest day would start at one in the afternoon and would end at nine at night.

On the other hand, IOI’s qualifiers were different. There were very few participating teams, and they were basically just going through the motions. They had to quickly decide the spots for the international competition, so the competition schedule was very packed.

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There were competitions throughout both Saturday and Sunday. They would play from morning to night. In two days, they would finish all the qualifiers and decide the three spots for the world competitions.

This seemingly unscientific schedule was specially arranged by Long Yu Corporation’s Zhao Xuming, mainly because of the following considerations.

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First, he had to create a drainage effect.

IOI qualifiers would start in the morning even though the competition started on the same day as GPL. Many players who were waiting to watch GPL would definitely come to watch the IOI qualifiers since they had nothing to do in the morning. Objectively, they would have achieved the goal of attracting traffic.

Secondly, it was to squeeze out some time for the teams to prepare for the international competition.

Zhao Xuming had already received insider news from Chrétien that the game would be updated with a new version for the international competition. There would be an appropriate adjustment to the gameplay to display IOI’s new style.

IOI’s new version was gradually gaining the recognition of some players around the world. What’s more, Finger Games had discovered through research that the new version would indeed speed up the pace of the game, increase the competitiveness, and increase the viewing pleasure of the competition.

Thus, the new version of the World Series could show the interesting aspects of IOI’s new version to the “stubborn” old players. It could also better attract new players.

However, the changes in the version would have a huge impact on the various teams. That was why Zhao Xuming hoped that the qualifiers would be completed as soon as possible. That way, the three teams participating in the world tournament would be able to undergo training for IOI’s new version earlier.

In the end, he had to make use of the time to go through the motions to prevent any unforeseen events from happening.

E-Sports was different from traditional competitions. The difference in strength between teams was not that big. Many times, there could be a shake up in the strength of teams if the game version was changed slightly.

If there was an extended period of time, he could not rule out the possibility that certain teams would be substituting the competition as training. The more they played, the better.

Zhao Xuming wanted these three veteran clubs to qualify. Naturally, he wanted to avoid this situation as much as possible.