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To Pei Qian, as long as he knew about this mechanism in advance, he would just die a few more times and suffer a little in the beginning. He would be able to cheat with the difficult bosses in the later stages.

It had been a long time since the game was developed and officially released. They would be able to complete it as long as they died many times.

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Players who did not know about this mechanism would only choose stronger weapons or search for weapons like ‘Pudu’. They would never think that the real cheat weapon had always been with them.

Of course, there was also a possibility that some big shots were too awesome. They no longer challenged powerful weapons and deliberately used the trashiest demon sword to fight the boss.

However, he did not have to worry about being exposed as well.

That was because such a veteran had already trained his skills to the point of perfection. He would not die frequently at all. Naturally, he would not accumulate demon points and trigger the automatic parry of the demon sword.

Simply put, rookies wouldn’t like to use it. Veteran players would not be able to activate it.

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The more Pei Qian thought about it, the more perfect it seemed.

Hehe, stupid gamers, you didn’t think of that, did you? I changed the place I’m hiding my cheat weapon!

As long as gamers could not find the right way to use this weapon, they would have to fight the boss honestly. If they became addicted to Eternal Reincarnation, wouldn’t Repent and be Saved’s sales decrease?

After that, the game would be free of charge!

Pei Qian had put in a lot of effort to make the game free.

What’s more, since the game was so difficult, it would be a good time to torture those players.

Don’t you like high difficulty? Then let me show you what true difficulty is!

I don’t believe that I, a designer, can’t deal with you gamers!

On the other side, the designers were taking notes in their notebooks.

Hu Xianbin wanted to give a standing round of applause.

The design was amazing!

It was completely different from Pudu, but there were some different routes.