Is there anything from online?

Is there anything from online?

“She’s just a good student, but Kiryuuin doesn’t have anyone supporting her, unlike Nagumo. She doesn’t even have a single friend.”

So that was why Kiriyama said that ignoring her wouldn’t cause any trouble.

“Don’t praise me like that, I’m getting embarrassed!”

It wasn’t meant to be a compliment at all, but Kiryuuin laughed boldly.

“She’s a lot like Kouenji from your year. All her words and actions, if you take her seriously, you’ll just be wasting your time.”

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I didn’t expect his name to come up here.

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In a way, Kouenji Rokusuke was someone who had a unique personality, and if you were similar to him, you would be pretty strange too.

While I was interested, I also thought it was better not to get involved with her.

However, Kiryuuin’s Academic and Physical Abilities were both rated A+.

She was the only student who had two A+ evaluations in those two categories in the school, out of everyone.

Her Social Contribution was a C+, which wasn’t that low, and her only defect was Adaptability, in which she got a D.

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If we simply looked at grades, you could say that she’s the best in the school.