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“There are no similar lucky draw events at Tengda’s 515 Gaming Festival. Boss Pei’s ‘pure gifting’ mode does not support lucky draw events. If we do this, we should be able to compete with Tengda.”

Eric nodded. “Yes, that sounds good!”

“How long would it take to develop this event?”

Zhao Xuming said, “In no time! We can put this lucky draw on the web page. It’s not a particularly complicated function. We’ll definitely be able to complete it by the weekend!”

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“If we’re afraid that the gamers can’t wait, we can make an announcement to calm them down.”

“We’ll give the gamers who have already spent money some lucky draw tickets. That should be foolproof.”

Eric was elated. “Alright, let’s do that!”

“Boss Zhao, you’ve finally thought of a good idea! If this succeeds, you’ll have done a great service.”

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Zhao Xuming quickly waved his hand. “Hey, no, no, no. I’m just making a suggestion. You have to decide if it’s feasible or not.”

Zhao Xuming could come up with ideas, but he would not take the blame. He did not want to be the first to fight Boss Pei and become cannon fodder.

Eric immediately decided. “It’s decided then. Hurry up and develop the lucky draw function. Make the announcement as soon as possible!”

May 18th, Friday...

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It was past 10 AM in the morning. Qiao Liang struggled to get out of bed.

“My back...”

Qiao Liang groaned and moved towards the bathroom, preparing to wash up.

The muscles on his entire body, especially his upper body, were extremely sore. He felt like he was about to lose control of his body.

He could not feel it normally. It turned out that walking required so much muscle on the upper half of the body. It was now very obvious to his senses.

He had enough training yesterday.