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Second, Tengda was neither on the public stock exchange nor did it accept foreign investments.

Last, Boss Pei was not at all interested in the company’s income—not unless it involved tens of billions of yuan.

The most positive thing was that, even if Dayak Corporation really caused Tengda to incur losses, Pei Qian could give them a huge red packet to thank them.

I am invincible; what is there to fear?

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Pei Qian calmly sipped his coffee. “They were angry... and then?”

He Desheng held out his thumb and said, “And then they really took the bait!”

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Pei Qian paused midway through sipping his coffee. His mind slowly was filled with question marks.

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What did ‘they really took the bait’ mean? Where was the ‘really’ coming from?

What bait was there?

Pei Qian could tell that something was off as he looked at He Desheng’s expression. When Pei Qian saw He Desheng rushing over, he had thought that something so horrible had happened that caused him to perspire profusely.

Yet, on closer inspection, it looked like He Desheng was... excited?

He Desheng handed the documents in his hand to Boss Pei and excitedly explained, “Boss Pei, your battle strategy is too exciting!

“It’s comparable to Kong Ming’s smarts and Zhou Gong’s carefulness[1]!