Do you sell MA online?

Do you sell MA online?

The reason why His Majesty Gris has taken on such a strong stance is probably because his beloved daughter, Ria, was kidnapped by the Black Organization around August last year.

「But… It’s not such a big problem that the opinions of the four great powers are divided. It was originally expected to some extent before the conference began.」

The president said, and began to explain briefly.

「The Holy Ronelia Empire boasts an overwhelming force in the name of “Black Organization”. To counter this, the four great powers must stand together as a single mind. The leaders of each of the four great powers fully recognise this.」

「That means… unless all four of them are in agreement, there won’t be a full-scale war?」

「That’s right. No matter how hard Vesteria Kingdom and Ronzo Republic advocate for it, there won’t be a full-scale war unless Ringard and Polyesta Federation agree. Only after gathering the scattered Seven Strongest Swordsmen of mankind and assembling war supplies of each nation, can the four great powers finally stand head-to-head against the Empire.」

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「They’re equal only after gathering that much force, huh…」

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Unfortunately, the Holy Ronelia Empire seems to be the “strongest country in the world”.

Rich soil, huge population, highly developed medical care with advanced science and technology, and above all-the terrifying force of the Black Organization.

How did they come to attain such power?

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What kind of person is Emperor Barrel Ronelia, who has ruled such a superpower for many years?

It is still a country full of mysteries.

It couldn’t be denied that Quanmin Reviews’ employees were rather efficient. Two minutes later, Wang Peng refreshed the application and found that the empty shophouse had appeared at the restaurant’s location.

However, there were no details on it; no content whatsoever.

Other pages on Quanmin Reviews were all done-up nicely. There were pictures, name of the shop, ratings, reviews, average spending, exact location, etc.

However, this place only had a blank profile; it had nothing on it.