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This time, I looked at Chiaki directly and started chatting with her.

“By the way, Chiaki, do you play Pokemon?”

Chiaki’s eyes brightened at my question as she leaned forward to me again.

“Yeah! Of course! Keita, Keita, you play Pokemon too!”

“Of course! Eh, how’s your progress right now?”

“Well, …ah, …since I’ve been creating games recently, so I didn’t progress a lot. …All of my team members are at around Lv.30…”

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“Eh, really! Me too, me too. Just the same as you!”

Usually, I would’ve played a lot more, but because I was working. So, my progress coincidentally matched with Chiaki’s.

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Chiaki suggested to me in excitement.

“Well, well, now’s a good time for a battle, let’s battle!”

“I was thinking just the same thing! I was looking for a suitable opponent!”

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“Me too, me too! Hiya, it’s best when there’s a friend, indeed!”

When I’m looking at Chiaki’s hazeless smile as she’s talking lovingly, surprisingly, I will also feel blessed and satisfied too.