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He might have thought of many reasons and excuses for Boss Pei but Qiao Liang still had a grudge against the “new game is not to be tested”.

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Why? Did Teacher Qiao not even have the privilege of experiencing Tengda Games in advance as the person who understood Boss Pei the most?

That was very sad.

That was why Qiao Liang was so excited, excited, and overwhelmed by Meng Chang’s invitation to come to Slow Movement Studio to experience the first VR game that Tengda Games had developed.

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Tengda’s new game needed him again. Could this be a very positive signal?

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Am I not far from becoming an external employee of Tengda?

Qiao Liang began to imagine.

Meng Chang stopped when he was about to enter the work area.

“Teacher Qiao, it’s like this.”

“That’s because the game is still in the testing stage. The current quality cannot represent the final quality, and we are not sure what kind of modifications will be made in the future. Therefore, I hope that you can keep this project a secret. Don’t spread the news online.”

“If possible, I hope you can minimize discussions online, including forums, fan groups, and so on.”

Qiao Liang patted his chest. “Don’t worry, I’m a professional!”

“Keep it a secret! Not a single word!”

“Erm... is it alright for me to discuss in the daily fan group, but not talk about this game, alright?”

Meng Chang thought for a moment and nodded. “Alright.”

It might only be a verbal promise, but according to Meng Chang’s understanding, Teacher Qiao was a person who kept his word. He would work hard to keep whatever he promised.

What’s more, Meng Chang wanted a verbal promise at most.