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“My best friend will be blessed. That’s what in it for me!”

“Really. Well, the actual situation is?”

“I used my friend’s virginity as an exchange, and asked the girl to introduce an ‘easy’ friend to me!”

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“You’re a total prick!”

I take back when I’ve said. This guy is honest, kind, and so cheerful that it’s hard for people to dislike him, but he’s a total prick inside…By the way, a douche that doesn’t make people hate him is quite terrible, right?

“P-Please, Tasuku! Onnmu said she’s totally uninterested in me, but she’s quite fond of you. If that’s the case, it’s hard to not make a deal. This is the only way to achieve a beautiful double-win!”

“You and that girl are the only ones winning, right!”

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I let out a sigh because I might have befriended the wrong person in high school. Then, Masaya tilted his head in confusion.

“What? Uh, but this is not a bad thing for you.”

“This is the bad thing, right. I need to meet someone today, and more importantly, I already have a girlfriend…”

“Eh? But, recently, things between Aguri and you aren’t going well, right?”


My heart was severely hurt when another person says that “things aren’t going well” between us.

I pressed my chest and asked Masaya.

“M-Masaya, …when you said things aren’t going well between us, where did you hear that from…”

“No one told me about it…It’s just something I concluded when I observed you two from the side.”

“W-Which part tells you that our relationship is rough?”

“Which part? …When a young boy and girl aren’t making any progress for half a year, it’s already pretty much that, if you know what I mean. Also, recently, I can see there’s a subtle distance between when you two are together.”